10 Latest Must Have Gadgets in 2019

The lure for the latest gadgets and technologies is increasing day by day. People are enjoying the fast and swift working of the gadgets and are constantly striving to use the latest technology, for enhanced speed and performance. It is not difficult to know what a group of teenagers may be debating about nowadays. It is pretty obvious that they must be talking about the latest gadgets and their specifications. People love the intriguing state before the release of a new product and they are always swinging prophecies and predictions out of the air about what will come next. All the prophecies may not come out true, and there is no real benefit of predicting upcoming gadgets, still, people love doing it and throwing their own logic behind it. It is always fun to do it! Because it is what everyone talks about! It is what the trend is! And following the trend is always fun. Modern technology is in a constant mix of development and advancement. There is no doubt, that technology is going to touch great heights in the coming times. While 2018 is about to end, and it has unveiled some extraordinary gadgets and technologies, it is mandatory that we discuss what we can expect in 2019. I am sure it is going to be a blast of a year in terms of gadgets.

10 must-have gadgets in 2019

  • Health monitoring implants or wearables- we can expect that, by 2019, we would be able to do our diagnostics off major diseases like cancer and immune system by using a technology which would be wearable on our body. The wearable gadget will detect the disease and kill it automatically, without any real diagnostics. Disease prevention would become a lot easier.
  • Self-driving cars- while self-driving cars are already in use, they still need human supervision. It is still time when we can get fully autonomous cars. But, 2019 will see major developments in these cars and they could possibly adjust to sharp curves and intersections.
  • Intelligent assistants without internet – while we are using Siri and google assistant right now, which uses the internet to answer our questions, in 2019 we could possibly see devices with an intelligent assistant that can answer any kind of question without the need of internet.
  • Battery-free gadgets- 2019 can see gadgets which don’t need a battery to operate! Imagine how easy life would be without fretting for chargers and plugs!
  • Hydro venus- this can be a gadget or technology, which can suck up energy through the tidal waves! This means a fully pure and green form of energy.
  • electric brush- this can be really amazing for you but, your dentist would surely be in trouble. An electric toothbrush will clean your teeth impeccably.
  • UV sense- you can exactly know how much UV rays you are exposed with, and you can keep your skin safe from the harmful rays of the sun.
  • Modular TV- you can adjust the size of your TV on the wall in the coming years! If you want, you can expand the screen, and if you want, you can contract too.
  • Bike lanes- fully covered bike lanes which can help bikers beat the traffic! It will be connected to major traffic hubs which can make life easier for bikers.
  • Computational surfaces- super thin surfaces to operate on! That means no need for screens and TVs and mobile! Your mirrors, your walls anything can be your computational surface.